What is the Fair Trade Federation?
A Community Committed to 360° Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation members strive to create positive change through all of their work: socially, economically, and environmentally. Members work with small farmers and artisans in holistic partnerships built on trust. These relationships go beyond ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions — they empower producers to strengthen their communities and grow their businesses sustainably. Find out more.

Look for the new Fair Trade Federation Logo

The new FTF logo reflects the very essence of 360° fair trade. the four interdependent hands represent the holistic cooperation - across cultures and geographies - that defines FTF membership.

Look for this logo when you are shopping for fair trade products. It ensures that you are buying the highest quality, most authentic products that are grown and made in the traditional way.

Learn About the FTF Annual Conference

The Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization recognize and uphold each other’s principles, and work together as allied organizations to promote greater equity in international trade. The FTF is a proud member of the WFTO.